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My name is Dan Oxier and I am a photographer and videographer. I view the world through creative eyes and no matter where I look, I seem to find something aesthetic to capture. It's all about how you choose to look at something and I pride myself in being able to find beauty in the strangest places.

Dream Filter Productions began as an idea in 2009 and has evolved ever since. The idea was simple; to create a way for young men and women to enter the world of modeling/acting and start building a portfolio without putting too much strain on their wallets. Over time, I grew to enjoy photography so much, that I decided to make that my profession. Dream Filter Productions is now not only a wonderful way for models and actors/actresses to start or add to their portfolios, but also a great place to have your portraits, senior pictures, maternity and wedding photos taken.

Creativity has always been strong in my veins and I love creating and working with strong ideas. I love working with fresh faces as well as the same ones over and over again, because we all know that each face has many stories to tell.

Please Contact me if you are interested in my services, modeling or if you simply have any questions that I could answer for you. I will also be offering video services again in the near future.

- Dan Oxier